WhatsApp introduces new test advanced search

wabetainfo site, said specialized in monitoring features ppilot of application and atsaaaaaaaab messaging service, that test introduces new advanced search, which provides users with several search options.

He said the site and WhatsApp was in recent weeks focused on improving search chat. It has already carried out some of the general improvement (unseen), but are now testing a new feature for advanced research on the system operator eyeos ipho phones from Apple.

He added WABetaInfo next feature that will be available to all subscribers pilot program to apply to the system and WhatsApp eyeos, in addition to users of the application of the Android system Google.

While the support and WhatsApp situation on the night to apply to existing Android and iOS, found the site is also working on advanced search feature that provides users with the search by type of file within the chats.

The screen shots published by the WABetaInfo site for advanced search feature that you can search by category, and are the images, video, links, and animated GIF, and videos, documents, in addition to audio clips, as it appears that the advanced search page would include the number of files from each category.

He said the site that the advantage of advanced search include a record of the research, which can erase it by clicking on the "map" Clear.

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