List of Oppo phones that will get Android 10

Android 10 is an important upgrade to the operating system.It focuses on privacy and security features.It also includes some important updates such as: dark system-wide mode, support for foldable phones, 5G networks, gesture navigation, and (texts) Live Captions), plus digital welfare features.

Below is a list of Oppo phones that will get Android OS 10, and when?

It is also expected that the second generation of phones Oppo Reno will soon arrive with the version of Android 10, as Google will not approve the launch of any new phone running Android 9 Bay after January 31, 2020, which means that new phones that will be launched after that date must It runs Android 10 to get Google approval to support its services.

 - Oppo F11 series phones:

Launched at the beginning of this year, the Oppo F11 works on the Color 6.0 interface based on Android 9 Pay, so the series is expected to get an OS update this year, or by the beginning of 2020.This series includes the following phones:

  •     Oppo F11.
  •     Oppo F11 Pro.

3- Phones released during 2018:

Note that smartphones released during 2018 are technically eligible for the Android 10 version, as they are still covered by Google's two-year support for major Android updates. However, Oppo can also exclude or include devices that will receive the major update. Here's a list of devices that are expected to get the OS update:

  •     Oppo AX7 Pro
  •     Oppo R17 Neo
  •     Oppo R15x
  •     Oppo K1
  •     Oppo A7
  •     Oppo A7x
  •     Oppo AX5
  •     Oppo R15 Neo
  •     Oppo R17 Pro
  •     Oppo R17
  •     Oppo F9 Pro
  •     Oppo F9
  •     Oppo A3s
  •     Oppo A5
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