Terms of Use

Terms of Use

First: Property rights

Property rights a RomMobile site does not allow anyone to transfer or copy content from the site or broadcast content except for personal and non-commercial use.
    Allows content transfer after taking permission from the site owners personally and you can call from here

Second: Reporting Content

report content if you are a publisher of the content on the patch site and want to remove it please contact us and the crisis will be taken within 72 hours of the time of the request, and you can call from here.

thirdly: Privacy Statement 

 The privacy Statement of the RomMobile site, interested in all the data on the site and keep it confidential and keep your information and you can visit our Privacy Policy page from here

fourthly: Responsibility

RomMobile site, not fully responsible for comments posted on the site but we take all the necessary measures to remove comments including if you violate the rights of others.
    We are at the site of the RomMobile, we see that the site does not make any mistakes and that if you find it is repaired immediately through our distinguished team, and if you stumble into the site at any time, it may be because of the crisis maintenance procedure for the site.
    If you download and download any file from a patch site, you acknowledge it and be on your own, and your computer software site does not have any problems or responsibilities that may occur to you.

Fifthly : Links and linkages

Most content and patch site information, from external sources and sites, and we do not provide any warranties or commitments in case of use of content
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