This Privacy Policy provides users with information about how we collect personal
information from users, and how to use this information.
The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to set guidelines to regulate the use of personal
information we collect from users. Any disputes arising about information security rights
will be applied to this policy and the provisions of the relevant Vietnamese law to resolve.
The Privacy Policy and the procedures described here do not apply to other websites
linked or referenced in the system with ROMMOBILE.XYZ.
We reserve the right to change or update the Privacy Policy to suit each period. Therefore,
it is recommended that the user check regularly to ensure the latest regulations are being applied

.Collect information

We collect information from users when accessing the website, register for an account,register for a service, register for a new newsletter, register for giveaway programs

Our information collection goal ensures users get useful experience when accessing the website and exible customization in many cases. We can use that information to help make access easier by not having to re-enter information multiple times, helping users quickly nd information, products, and services, helping them I create the most relevant content and update the user with new information regarding the products and services we provide

When a user registers an account on ROMMOBILE.XYZ, we will ask the user to provide honest and accurate information about the following: name, billing address, phone number, email address, date year of birth, gender, ID number. All information provided will be, saved and used to identify the user when visiting later. We are committed and secured by the information that will be kept condential

One or more of the following methods will be used for us to collect the user's personal information

Service registration : During the registration process, the user will be prompted to provide us with some personal information. These types of personal information are used for payment purposes, to complete orders, to contact orders and for internal marketing purposes.

Email address: Some sections of the website allow users to enter the user's email address for purposes such as: subscribe to new news, subscribe to giveaway products... via optin placed on the page web.

Cookies and other techniques: We use cookies and web beacons (also known as GIF technology or "action tags") to speed up user navigation in the site, to identify users and access privileges of people. use, and to monitor websites that users use (i) Cookies: Users can set the user's browser to reject cookies from websites or remove cookies. from the user's browser, but if so, the user will not be able to access or use certain parts of the site in case these sections require cookies. Website cookies cannot interfere with a user's personal computer to collect personal information. Our cookies are not "spyware."

Access logs: Like most websites, the web server automatically recognizes Internet URLs. And we can also collect the user's IP address and other standard web information such as: browser type, user sites visited during service usage, computer information & network equipment etc for transaction security & safety purposes.

Comments: Users can rate the articles on Rommobile through the comment function. If the user reviews, we will ask the user to provide the email address, full name and website address (if any).

Use and Disclosure of Information 
We only use personal information of users for the following purposes

Internal use: We use the user's personal information to To
·         To improve and layout website content, to improve advertising and marketing effectiveness Determine general information about visitors
·         Provide support services
·         Handle complaints, and solve problems.
·         Prevent risky, prohibited or illegal behaviors and ensure compliance with this policy.
·         Measuring, customizing and improving services, content and form of website.
·         Send users information about marketing programs, reduced announcements & programs. Compare the accuracy of the user's personal information during a third party inspection.
·         Other contain.


Contacting users: We will use the personal information of users to provide support services, provide new article newsletters .... In addition, we will send the user a conrmation email when:
·         Users register to receive news articles with new
·         We announce new services.
·         Feedback feedback from
·         Request for service support from
·         Other cases we nd necessary

   Use outside the internal scope: We do not sell, rent, trade or disclose specic user information or nancial information to anyone, except in the following cases

  • ·         We may disclose similar information in response to inquiries from law enforcement agencies conducting investigations; upon request or decision of a court or competent authorities.
    ·         We may share aggregate information (such as the number of website visitors, or the number of orders in a given day) with third parties, such as advertising and marketing partners ...
    ·         Other cases.

Deny Email:  Users can request not to receive promotional emails from us. Upon request, we will (a) repair or update personal information; (b) prevent sending emails to users' email addresses. In order to deny email users can use the unsubscriber function attached to the customer or email to: for email support

DoubleClick DART Cookie

Google, as a third-party provider, uses cookies to serve ads on . The use of Google's DART cookie allows Google to serve ads to your users based on their visit to and their other websites on the Internet. Users may choose not to use the DART cookie by accessing Google's advertising and content network privacy policy under the following Some of our advertising partners may use cookies and web beacons on our website. Our advertising partners include Google Adsense


Activities and posting content on  do not give rise to or affect our responsibilities. Under current law we are entitled to waive the following responsibilities: 

Information is updated and posted on our sole copyrighted website . We reserve the right to keep the prototype and unique content provided on the website. We are not responsible for the content, images posted, quotes from

The products and services we provide (if any) are provided to users when the service user completes payment to us. User agrees and is committed to complying with our payment regulations (if applicable).

 The images of corruption on income posted, published or invoked related to products and services, product introduction articles ... are for reference only. We are not responsible for and arising from these descriptions.

 The guidelines and assessments we give are only personal opinions that are not recommended for direct application, mandatory use ... users with their will comply with this regulation and consider, consider whether to apply those guidelines or techniques.

 We accept link exchanges on, but we are not bound by the responsibility arising from links posted or referenced to us.

The operation of complies with the principles and policies of the state, does not violate and threatens to violate the provisions of the law regarding the stability and safety of the internet. We reserve the right to waive any liability arising from the use of users to commit illegal acts, violate the principles that are protected, threatened or threatened by law. safe movement of the internet community.